International Lego Day: Facts, Meaning, History, Date, and Celebrations

International Lego Day

International Lego Day Have you ever played with Lego? For than 70 years, these little colourful plastic bricks have encouraged playfulness and creativity in kids and people of all ages. Lego bricks are little but formidable and encourage creativity. Thanks to its clever design, they can be used to create almost anything you can think of, including homes, automobiles, dinosaurs, and aliens. If you can envision it, you can probably build anything out of Lego.

It’s hardly surprise that Lego is now regarded as the World’s Other Powerful Brand, towering over Google, Nike, and Ferrari to take the top place in 2017. However, like most enormous corporations, Lego had modest beginnings, and International Lego Day commemorates that very first day.

Lego’s history

The original Lego brick was patented in 1958 by a Danish carpenter named Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. International Lego Day is celebrated on the same day each year. This toy brick, unlike any other that had come before, would include an advanced interlocking brick mechanism that would make it sturdy, adaptable, and less prone to fall apart when merely knocked over.

Not one to play around, Godtfred was careful to patent both the design of his individual Lego brick. And the idea of using numerous bricks together in a building system, protecting his work from being copied by rivals. Although this day is frequently cited as the beginning of Lego as we know it. The firm was really established by Godtfred in 1932. He produced a variety of wooden toys under the brand name Lego, which was derived from the Danish words “LEg GOdt,” which mean “play well.”

One of the first toy manufacturers, Lego, invested in an injection mould machine to produce plastic toys. This foresight soon resulted in the production of the first plastic Lego block in 1949. In the 17 years between 1949 and 1966, Lego experienced exponential growth, becoming a multinational corporation with 42 retail locations. With factories manufacturing more than 706 million Lego elements annually and a product line that included 57 Lego sets and 25 Lego vehicles, the firm continued to expand.

The original LEGOLAND opened its doors to the public in 1968, drawing more than 625,000 people during its inaugural season, while the LEGOLAND Band was formed in 1967. There are currently 9 LEGOLANDS in Europe, Asia, and the US, and three more are scheduled to open in the upcoming years.

Today, Lego is a genuinely global company. Its distinctive simplicity and strong brand identification remain it a kid favourite, while its rich history and adaptability make it even more collectable to adults.

Timeline for International Lego Day


In Denmark, the founder of LEGO opens a woodworking business.

Ole Kirk Christiansen crafts a variety of furniture and home goods at a modest carpentry business in Billund. However, he finds that his boys’ toys are his favourite inventions. So he decides to call his business LEGO, a combination of two Danish terms that mean “play well.”


The LEGO firm is the first to sell plastic bricks.

Following World War II, a lack of wood forces producers to explore for other materials. Christiansen acquires the first Danish plastic injection moulding machine and launches sales of the Automatic Binding Brick. A forerunner of the modern stackable blocks.

 January 28, 1958

A patent application for LEGO has been filed.

The business files a patent application for the tubes and studs that would strengthen and connect the plastic blocks under the direction of Christainsen’s son, Godtfred. Every year, this anniversary falls on International LEGO Day.


Minifigures made of LEGO are released.

The business introduces the recognisable yellow-faced humanoid bricks after realising that adding a human component to the sets may make them more entertaining.


A LEGO movie is released.

An animated film is inspired by a Hollywood producer’s observation of his son playing with LEGOs. More movies are released in the years to follow thanks to its enormous success and $450 million in box office receipts.

10 really interesting Lego facts

  1. With their massive 43-foot-tall recreation of Tower Bridge, LandRover broke the world record for the tallest Lego structure in 2016. It took 5,805,846 unique Lego pieces to build this enormous edifice, which if put end to end would have reached Paris, France.
  2. If populations were to be classified, Lego Minifigures would have the greatest population on earth! with a total of more than 4 billion of them.
  3. The number of Lego bricks in the world is said to be 80 to 1 more than the number of people.
  4. The design hasn’t changed at all, therefore even if the first Lego brick was created in 1958, you could still interlock one with a Lego brick constructed today!
  5. James May built a full Lego home in 2009! The house was built with more than 3.3 million bricks and had a functioning bathroom, bed, and shower.
  6. Seven sets of Lego are currently sold every second due to its growing popularity.
  7. Despite the fact that both girls and boys and both women and men like playing with Lego. There is still some progress to be made toward gender equality since 86% of their Lego Minifigures are male.
  8. The total height of all Lego bricks in the world, if collected and stacked together, would be 2,386,065 miles!
  9. Lego produces toys, but they are also the world’s largest tyre producer, producing more than 400 million tyres annually to maintain their fleet of diverse lego vehicles.
  10. Despite having the initial patent for the modern Lego brick, Lego didn’t really create it. According to the legend. The salesman who came to give Godtfred his first plastic injection mould machine carried an example interlocking brick that Hilary Fisher Page had created and copyrighted in his pocket. In order to tighten the connection, Godtfred altered the design by perforating the brick and putting tubes on the bottom.

The best ways to celebrate International Lego Day

Nobody is ever too old to enjoy International Lego Day, whether they are five or 65. You might do the following activities to commemorate the day:

  • Use Legos for play! Playing with Legos is probably the most apparent thing to do on International Lego Day. Grab an old Lego set or buy a new one just for the day, and settle down for a few hours of creative play and relaxation. If you now have children of your own. Create a sculpture with them while remembering how many generations have gone through childhood with Lego by their side.
  • the Lego Movie, please! Lego has grown to be so well-known that it even has a movie all to itself. There are now actually two! A family favourite, curl up on the couch with some popcorn and enjoy the breathtaking animation that brings Lego creations to life.
  • See LEGOLAND. And last, pack your bags and travel to one of the several LEGOLAND theme parks for what may be the most comprehensive Lego experience. Spend a day you’ll never forget marvelling at the magnificent Lego constructions and riding the thrilling roller coasters.

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