Australia Day: Facts, Meaning, History, Date, and Celebrations

Australia Day, By occasionallyimages

Australia Day is a national holiday celebrated on January 26. To commemorate the founding of the first permanent European colony in Australia. Arthur Phillip, who had arrived at what is now Sydney Cove with a shipload of prisoners. Raised the British flag there on January 26, 1788. Early in the nineteenth century. New South Wales’ businesses and leaders held special dinners to commemorate the occasion known as Foundation Day.

History Of the Australia Day.

It was subsequently given the name Anniversary Day, and the inaugural Anniversary Regatta. Now known as the Australia Day Regatta and the oldest sailing competition in history, took place in Sydney Harbor in 1836. The first formal public celebrations were conducted in 1838 to mark the settlement’s 50th anniversary. In 1888, there were centennial festivities all throughout the continent. And on the 150th anniversary in 1938, the day was declared a federal holiday. In an effort to stop certain regions from celebrating the day on the nearest Monday, January 26 was declared a nationwide public holiday in 1988. In 1994, a decision was made to commemorate the holiday on the actual day.

With greater immigration to Australia starting in the 1940s, the day started to be used for citizenship ceremonies. Government and military leaders have traditionally played a significant part in the celebration of Australia Day, which includes several public festivities. Horse races and regattas have remained significant components of the festivities. And fireworks are frequently used to round off the day’s events. Aboriginal people and those who support them have criticised Australia Day festivities since the late 20th century. As being too patriotic and have called for more awareness of both the indigenous peoples of the continent and the impact that European colonisation has had on them.

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